Drive-In Marker Posts

High density compressed fibre composite by Carsonite ®.

Available - Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green either 42”/1050mm or 60”/1500mm long

Predrilled for DDS technology sign plates.

Un-drilled to apply self adhesive custom marker stickers e.g. Water, Gas, Electric, With option of your company logo.


  • Rapid installation by 1 person.
  • Very strong and impact resistant, yet light for easy transport and storage.
  • Does not rust, rot or corrode — unaffected by temperature
  • Colour permeated with UV shielding to prevent fading.
  • Long life expectancy (15 – 20 years).
  • Industry tested and approved.
  • Substantial savings against other methods of marking.

Marker posts with custom identification stickers.

  • Custom and stock stickers.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Weather proof.
  • Durable UV stable Company branding or logos.

Anchor Barb.

Designed for loose soil conditions to give permanent anchoring, the flexible barb folds flat as the post is driven and opens to prevent removal.

Please follow safe working practices when installing marker posts. Wear protective clothing and goggles.

For full catalogue, please see below.


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