Gladiator Marker Posts Verge Marking, Black and White Banding

Gladiator Posts.
Curv-flex® posts are designed for high impact areas, having excellent flexibility allowing direct tyre and higher speed vehicle impacts. The concave design protects the applied decals and reflective material from damage during vehicle impacts.
Posts are colour permeated white with black applied banding so will not fade.
Rapid Installation.
  •  No digging or backfill required.
Long Life Expectancy.
  • Colour permeated and UV protected to prevent fading.
  • White posts with black vinyl applied.
  • Unaffected by variations in temperature.

Extremely Strong And Impact Resistant.

  • Meets all traffic sign regulations.

High Quality / Performance Reflective Decals.

  • Diamond grade class 1 reflective decals (red and white).

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