Post and Plate Fixings

The DDS system includes everything required to fix marker plates to our composite posts, existing concrete posts, lamp posts or street furniture.

1. Marker Post to retainer Barb.

Rivets for fixing the retaining 'barb' to the marker post. Sold in units of 100's or 1000's.

2. Marker Plate to Marker Post.

Rivets for fixing marker plates to posts are special 'soft' fix to protect the post and plate. Sold in units of 100's or 1000's. 

3. Rivet Gun .

Rivet gun to suit both types of rivet - light weight and economical. (Sold individually)

4. Marker Plate to concrete post.

8mm nylon drive fixings for fixing marker plate to existing plate).

Street Furniture Kit.

Comprising 2 x stainless steel mounting brackets, 2 x heavy duty ties and 4 x soft fix rivets for fixing to the marker plate.

Hydrant marker plate fitted to a post with street furniture kit.

Marker Post Driver.
  • Lightweight manual post driver.
  • Specially designed for purpose - holds the post and requires two handed operation for safety.
  • No digging required to install posts.
  • Available for both marker posts and the Gladiator range 'Curve Flex' marker posts.
  • Protective clothing must be worn and we would recommend the use of our lumber support or similar.

For assembly details, please see catalogue page 9.

For full catalogue, please see below.


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