GA Valves are a distributer for Socla and can offer a specialized range of valves to suit waterworks, Irrigation, Construction And Industry, Fire protection, Filtration And Water Treatment.


Protection of drinking water networks against backflow of polluted water: backflow preventers, other protection system, pressure reducers and water meters.

Non - Return.

The check valve appears to be a simple device. Broadly speking, it functions like a door which opens one way. In truth, the valve has to adapt to many different types of installation, each with own specific charcteristics wheather mechanical, hydraulic, physical or chemical. Hence different closing systems for one function: preventing any reverse flow of fluid.




Water distribution in networks is becoming more and more complex, because of urbanisation, the quality service owned to the consumer and to the wish to improve efficiency by lowering energy consumption. Socla proposes in the Regulation category a wide range of stabilisers: but also different air control devices (air valves, pulsairs, injectors) and a complete range of pressure reducers.

Shut Off.

A product which is simple but rich in technology, essential in the chain of fluid circulation and never the weak link. Our butterfly valves bring reliability, a comprehensive range and high level of safety.