HiVent Exotic Material Air Valve for Offshore / Petrochemical

Offering a wide range of basic and exotic materials, GA Valves is a specialist supplier of air release, vent and vacuum relief valves for the offshore industry. Particular attention is paid to working with the client to finalise the specification and valve sizing and to ensure agreed deliveries, certification and documentation requirements are met.

The main range of equipment supplied by GA Valves are air eliminators and air valves with or without isolation to suit. GA Valves specialises in low volume production of a wide range of valves to meet exacting design and engineering requirements. The company is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001/2000 by Lloyds.

Air vent and vacuum valves.

The range of valves that GA Valves supplies cover a variety of functions such as air release, vacuum breaking, air venting and air eliminators. A wide range of materials are available including titanium, stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, bronze, 6Mo, ductile iron, austenitic iron, cast iron and plastic. These can be supplied to a wide range of standards with high levels of certification and inspection, and are suitable for use with a wide range of mediums, including seawater, freshwater, slurry, wastewater and various hydrocarbons. Valves can be coated to suit specific applications with a choice of Rilsan Nylon, Fusion Bonded Epoxy or to customer specification and colours.

Isolation valves.

Isolation valves can be supplied with the choice of Ball, Globe, Butterfly or Gate valves with either flanged or screwed connections in materials to suit the air valve.

Offshore Technology Link below:
Class 300 Air release valve in Aluminium bronze with 1" flanged outlet.
6" Air vent / vacuum valve in Super duplex with surge arrestor.

2" Air release, Air vent / Vacuum valve in Aluminium bronze with Inflow check device.

1" Air vent / Vacuum valve in Stainless steel and NORSOK-approved paint with outflow check device.