Fig. F600 Double Flanged Butterfly Valve DN50 - DN1200

Figure F600.
Double flanged Butterfly valves are used for pipeline isolation or throttling duties. Suitable for clean or filted water application up to 95°C.


  • Epoxy coated ductile iron construction.
  • Flanged PN16 as standard.
  • WRAS listed non-metallic components.
  • Double flanged type.
  • Two pieces shaft.
  • Double eccentric disc.
  • Rubber seat seal to welded deposited body ring.
  • Bubble tight shut off.
  • ISO5211 top flange.
  • Gearbox as standard.
Service Conditions.
  • Potable water, filtered water.
  • Working pressure 16 bar.
  • Temperature range -10°C to 70°C. (Insulate at 0°C and below).
1.Hex. Bolt2Cr13
2.End PlateHT200
3.O RingEPDM
4.Adjust the pad2Cr13
5.Split Ring2Cr13
8.Body Seal RingSS304 welding
9.Disc Seal RingEPDM
10.Hex. Bolt2Cr13
11.Lock Washer201
13.Bottom ShaftSS410
14.Top ShaftSS410
15.Taper Pin2Cr13
16.RetainerCarbon Steel
17.O RingEPDM
18.Packing GlandCast Iron
19.Double Screw Bolt2Cr13
20.Hex. Nut2Cr13
21.Hex. Bolt2Cr13
22.Spring Gasket2Cr13
23.YokeCast Iron
24.KeyCarbon Steel
25.Tapper Pin416


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