Pressure Regulating Functions

PR Pressure Reducing valve.
Reduces high upstream pressure to a steady, lower downstream pressure, regardless of fluctuations in the values of upstream-pressure or rate of flow. Should downstream pressure exceed the required set point (due to stoppage of the flow in the pipeline), the valve closes drip tight. Dorot PR valves are also UL listed, for use in fire fighting systems.
Optional Pressure Reducing applications:
  • PRM(T2) Dual set-Point, Timer-modulated pressure reducing valve.
  • PRM(FM) Electronically-Controlled, Flow-Modulated PRV.
  • PRM(HyMod) Hydraulically-Controlled, Flow-Modulated PRV.
  • PR (D) Differential Pressure Reducing valve.




PS Pressure Sustaining valve.

Assembled in the pipeline and modulates to maintain a steady pressure in the network upstream of its location.
Dorot PS valve is UL listed for use in fire-fighting systems.
Optional Pressure Sustaining applications:
  • PS(R) Pressure Sustaining/Relief valve.
  • DI Differential - sustaining valve.


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