Other Dorot Products

Control Valves for waterworks, waste water, sewage, irrigation & construction industries.

Model 68.

Diaphragm sealing valve with an exceptional robust design. The valve model used primarily for: deluge, pre-action and dry-pipe fire-fighting systems. This valve is also used for safety applications such as quick pressure relief and high-pressure (PN25) on-off control in standard water use as well as corrosive fluids. Available in sizes 2" (50mm) - 24" (600mm).

Series 500.

Disc seal, Y type valve. This valve is compact and partially made of new composite materials. Wide range of flow and pressure regulation. Available in Diameters of: 1.5" (40mm) - 8" (200mm).


uPVC Valves.

Diaphragm sealing valves made of uPVC. For use with aggressive water and with underground (PVC) piping. Available in Diameters of: 3" (80mm) - 6" (150mm).


Gal Valves - 100 Series.

Diaphragm sealing valve. Waterworks, Agriculture and Waste Water application. Extremely simple structure, single moving part with very low head-loss. Available in Diameters of: 3/4" (20mm) - 24" (600mm).

Glass Reinforced Nylon Valve.

Diaphragm sealing valves made of reinforced Polyamide used in Greenhouses, Field Crops, Irrigation, Landscaping and Water Treatment (non corrosive). Available in Diameters of: 34/" (20mm) - 3" (80mm).

Back Flushing Valves.

Specially designed valves for back flow flushing of filtration systems. Available in Cast Iron or Glass Reinforced Nylon, Single or Double chamber operation.