GA Valves can offer a range of Penstocks that have been made by a local manufacturer to a high standard, who have been fabricating products for the Water Industry and general fabrication since 1989.
We can offer various types of Penstocks as listed below:
Light duty Penstocks, Conventional Penstocks, Heavy duty Penstocks, Multi-opening Penstocks, Wedeco weir Penstocks for channel, wall & weir applications. Penstocks range from Mini Range 100mm upto Penstocks in the region of 3000mm. Subject to the actual Penstock aperture, ranges will be determined and all Penstock widths and depths are available in rectangular format.
Operating Gear for the below selected Penstocks can be found in another selected area. Subject to the environmental needs Penstock frames and door material can be interchanged. Subject to Water Authority specifications, Export specifications or indeed individual Plant / Location specifications, a Penstock frame and / or Door can be Plastic, Mild Steel treated, Timber or various selected grades of Stainless Steel.
Size Range: 100mm to 3000mm.
Materials: Cast Iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, duplex, and exotic alloys
Operation: Gearbox, electric actuation specializing in 'Auma' and 'Rotork' actuator packages, pneumatically actuated single acting spring return and double acting, hydraulically actuated single acting spring return and double acting.